In the 1960’s, John Marotta was a print broker who built his business on three simple guiding principles:

  1. Provide unsurpassed service
  2. Deliver top quality products
  3. And, always – always meet the customer’s deadline

It seems simple enough, right?  John noticed that many of his competitors possessed one of these attributes, or maybe two, but none consistently had all three. Even he had challenges early on. Being a broker at the time, he didn’t control the actual production, but relied on vendors to produce his customers’ product. In 1968 he decided to change all that and JON-DA Printing was born.

John built his company from the ground up around those principles. He didn’t just build a printing company, he built the ultimate printing service provider for the fast paced, high-pressure business environments on Wall Street and Midtown Manhattan. He knew that if he could answer the demands of those clients, he could wow anyone in the world. He put his first shop in the heart of New York’s Financial District – just a short walk to most of his clients. The convenience coupled with his hard work and determination to be the best, made for a huge success.

In 1974, his nephew Johnny Malluzzo joined the company, learning the trade and business from the ground up before becoming a partner. He worked alongside his uncle until his retirement. Johnny brought in the newest technology and continued to grow the business – always maintaining his uncle’s guiding principles.

Forty eight years later, JON-DA Printing has grown, changed and evolved in many ways, but when it comes how we treat our clients we haven’t changed a bit.

Always Quality, Always On-Time.

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